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How to pack

Wrap small appliances and place in sturdy book cartons with heaviest items on the bottom. Empty the refrigerator of all contents, drain the drip pan and disconnect the water supply of automatic icemakers. To prepare your freezer--pack all of the contents in small cartons and then return them to the freezer. On move day, the movers can then temporarily remove the boxes while handling the appliance and reload it when on board the van. This way you are able to use the freezer like a portable cooler without risk of damage. Have an authorized service person prepare all large appliances prior to move day.

Bedding & Linens

Fold and pack all sheets, bedding and towels in clean medium cartons. Pack blankets, quilts and comforters in large cartons. Beds will be dismantled by and set up in your new home. Mattresses can be protected by covering them with old sheets, mattress covers or you can purchase mattress cartons or bags.


A book carton will hold 2 linear shelf feet of hard back books. Alternate bindings and pack on edge. Don't overload; try to limit individual carton weight to 50 pounds.


Pack plates, platters and saucers on edge—not flat. Wrap each item separately with newsprint or bubble wrap and place in strong china cartons. Pack in layers with a padding of newsprint between each layer as well as on top and bottom of carton. Use paper plates as cushioning. When you unpack, you will have paper ware for the first few meals in your new home. Be sure to label these boxes "Fragile."


Hanging clothing can be easily handled on move day. We can transfer them directly from the closet to handy wardrobe cartons. Each wardrobe holds 2 feet of hanging clothing. The rental price is much less than the cost of dry cleaning.


Place on hanger in rented wardrobe cartons.


Whether dresser, desk or hutch - don't overload. Remove spillables, very fragile items and valuables and then leave remaining contents in place. Because professional movers are trained to carry furniture with drawers in place, it is not necessary to tape or tie drawers shut. In fact, some tapes will damage the finish.


Pack DVDs, CDs, software discs, records and audio cassettes in their protective sleeves or cases. If sleeves or cases are not available, wrap the items in tissue paper or plastic wrap to prevent scratching. Stand CDs, software discs and records on edge in book cartons (do not lay flat). Audio cassettes and video tapes may be packed vertically or horizontally on layers of shredded or crushed paper. Fill in with paper as needed. Be sure to mark the box "Fragile."


Desktop computers and their components; televisions and their peripherals (dvr, vcr, vhs, cable box etc). should be labeled, disconnected and cords wound. Most electronic components can be pad wrapped for local moving but if you have the original cartons-- don't hesitate to use them. Because sudden temperature changes can result in damage to electrical components, you should not operate electronic equipment just prior to a cold weather move.


You are responsible for transporting handguns and ammunition according to your state’s laws.. Flammable liquids and aerosol cans should not be packed for the moving company to handle. Plan on taking them to your new home yourself. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause them to leak or even explode.


Flat Panel Televisions should be discussed with your move consultant before move day. We can arrange to have them crated or provide you a rental crate for the day of the move.


Pack upright with no more than 24-30 cans per carton. Don't attempt to move perishables without advice from your moving consultant. Tape over open top boxes and shakers.


Pack in large china cartons. Stuff each glass with tissue and then wrap with newsprint or bubble wrap. Glasses should be placed on cushioned layers of paper and should not be able to bump into each other. Don’t pack unwrapped glasses inside each other. There should be cushioning between each layer. Place heavy items on the bottom of the carton and the lightest items on top. Be sure to label these boxes "Fragile."


Remove bulbs and shades. Roll up cord. Pack with bedding or wrap separately and place in clean cartons. Wrap shades completely in tissue—not newspaper—it stains. Lamps can be quickly and safely placed in’s Crush Proof Cartons in less time and using less materials.


Tell about valuable paintings which will need special care. Wrap small items and place on edge in cartons. Large wall mirrors and pictures can be taken down by movers and slipped into our Crush Proofs Cartons—just like slices of bread into a toaster.


Wrap separately and pack snugly in cartons. Be sure that any spillable materials have been placed in containers which are sealed. Pad carefully so items won’t shift.


Outside swing sets, tool sheds, barbecue grills, etc. that need dismantling, should have the nuts and bolt sprayed daily with a penetrating oil beginning several weeks in advance of move day. This step often avoids the necessity of chiseling and cutting rusty fasteners during disassembly. It is advisable to complete this dismantling process one to two days prior to your scheduled move day.

Empty gas from lawn mowers drain and roll garden hoses and empty and clean your barbecue grill. This will prevent a leak, which could damage other items during transport.

Long-handled garden tools brooms and mops should be bound together securely. This not only keeps things neat it also allows your movers to pack several long-handled items at once thus saving you time and money.

Bench tools should be packed in tool boxes or small heavy duty cartons. Packed cartons should weigh less than 50 pounds.
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